J.S. Pancake Cafe is now offering Matcha and Strawberry Daifuku Pancakes for a limited time only!


J.S. Pancake Cafe, the pancake store of JOURNAL STANDARD, has launched a limited time menu item, “Strawberry Daifuku Pancake with Nishio Matcha”, which will be available at all J.S. Pancake Cafe stores and J.S. Foodies Tennoji Mio store from January 1 (Sat), 2022. store from January 1 (Sat), 2022.

1,540 yen

J.S. Pancake Cafe “Matcha & Strawberry Daifuku” Pancakes

The “Nishio Matcha Strawberry Daifuku Pancake” from J.S. Pancake Cafe is, as the name suggests, a pancake that combines elements of “matcha” and “strawberry daifuku”. It is a unique pancake with buttery, fluffy pancakes topped with matcha mascarpone, powder, and toppings that resemble strawberry daifuku.

The pancake batter is topped with a mascarpone cream made from Nishio’s matcha green tea with a hint of soft sweet molasses. The toppings of strawberries, whipped cream, red bean paste, and gyuhi (bean paste) add depth of flavor to the pancake. The pancake is also accented with bitter-tasting matcha sauce and kinako (soybean flour).

The pancakes also look gorgeous with gold leaf powder sprinkled on top. Take this opportunity to try these luxurious pancakes that are perfect for the beginning of the New Year.


J.S. Pancake Cafe “Nishio Matcha Strawberry Daifuku Pancakes

【Sales Period】 Jan 1 (Sat) – 23 (Sun), 2022
【Store】 All J.S. Pancake Cafe stores, J.S. Foodies Tennoji Mio store
【Price】 1,540 yen