Japan limited! Limited edition Sakura goods from Starbucks!

From Starbucks, the first new cherry blossom motif goods “The SAKURA Beauty shining in the light goods” are now available. It will be released from February 17, 2023 (Friday).

New bottles and mugs that express the “beauty of cherry blossoms”

Goods such as bottles and mugs that directly express the beauty of cherry blossoms are available. With gorgeous colors and stylish designs, items with a fresh mood will appear.

Sakura stainless steel bottle with gradation & glitter print

The stainless steel bottle, which has excellent heat and cold retention, comes in a model with a cherry blossom design with a delicate touch against a purple background, and a cherry blossom design that draws a fantastic gradation. The stainless steel bottle, which can be opened and closed with a single touch, has a pale pink color as the main color, and cherry blossoms are expressed in a glittering print here and there. There are also cherry blossom design bottles available.

Bottles with confetti fluttering and bottles that change color

With a light blue background inspired by the blue sky of spring, the bottle, which is arranged in a way that looks like cherry blossoms in full bloom, has a gorgeous look with colorful confetti. The color-changing tumbler, which has an impressive cherry blossom petal drawn with glitter, has a playful specification that changes its color to blue when a cold drink is added.

There are also heat-resistant mugs with cherry blossoms and pleated designs!

Spring-specific designs with cherry blossoms are also gathered for mugs. The heat-resistant glass with a clear design is eye-catching with a three-dimensional pleat-like design. The entire surface is sprinkled with pink and purple cherry blossoms. In addition, the lineup includes a heat-resistant mug with a glittering hologram bead handle, a mug that changes color from purple to white when a hot drink is added, and a stainless steel mug inspired by cherry blossoms in full bloom in the blue sky.

“Bearista” drink hole cap decorated with cherry blossoms

What you want to use with a reusable cup with cherry blossoms is a drink hole cap of “Bearista” that has a cute cherry blossom outfit. Simply insert it into the drink hole of the reusable cup to add playful color to your coffee time.


Starbucks “The SAKURA Beauty shining in the light goods”
【Release Date】 Friday, February 17, 2023
【Store】 Starbucks nationwide, official online store
・SAKURA2023 Handy Stainless Bottle Purple 500ml ¥4,950
・SAKURA2023 stainless petit bottle 180ml 3,400 yen
・SAKURA2023 Stainless Bottle Gradation 473ml ¥4,950
・SAKURA2023 handle lid stainless steel bottle 355ml 4,200 yen
・SAKURA2023 Bottle Shining Blue 355ml ¥2,300
・SAKURA2023 heat-resistant glass mug twist line 355ml 2,600 yen
・SAKURA2023 reusable cup 473ml 500 yen
・ SAKURA2023 reusable cup exclusive drink hole cap bearista 1,050 yen
*Sold only as a set with SAKURA2023 reusable cup.