Kamakura Oyatsu sanpo” will be held at Hanshin Umeda Main Store, where various Japanese and Western Kamakura sweets stores will gather. (Apr. 13-19)

Hanshin Umeda Main Store will hold “Kamakura Oyatsu sanpo (Kamakura Snack Walk),” a gourmet fair focusing on sweets from Kamakura, from April 13 (Wed) to April 19 (Tue), 2022.

Kamakura Sweets Gather at Hanshin Umeda Flagship Store

The Hanshin Umeda Main Store celebrated its grand opening on April 6. In “Kamakura Oyatsu sanpo,(Kamakura Snack Walk)” a special event to commemorate this event, 10 popular stores loved in Kamakura will sell their signature sweets.

Kamakura Kosuzu: “Warabimochi”, small box (9 slices in a box), 864 yen

Kurumikko’s “Kamakura Beniya” opens first eat-in corner in Kansai

Of particular note is “Kamakura Beniya,” which will open its first eat-in corner in the Kansai region at “OYATSU-Hare” on the first floor of the Hanshin Umeda main store. The store will offer three types of sweets inspired by the taste of “walnut custard,” which is synonymous with the store, including the “Walnut Custard Crepe,” a crepe with walnut caramel custard cream in between and apricot and passion fruit sauce.

Kamakura Beniya
(From left to right) “Drinking Kurumigko” 748 yen, “Kurumigko Parfait with Oyasagaramel” 990 yen, “Kurumigko Custard Crepe” 1,320 yen

Baked Mont Blanc at Kamakura LESANGES

From Kamakura LESANGES, popular for its fresh fruit and richly flavored sweets made with the finest ingredients, comes “Baked Mont Blanc,” a baked pastry that resembles the shape of Mont Blanc, the highest peak in the Alps. This chestnut-flavored dish offers the perfect harmony of richly squeezed smooth Mont Blanc cream and crispy tart dough.

(Right) Kamakura LESANGES
“Baked Mont Blanc” 378 yen

Highest quality Dainagon Monaka, Warabi Mochi made with Hon Warabi Flour

In addition, visitors can enjoy a variety of Japanese and Western sweets, such as “Kamakura Monaka (from Mikazuki-do Kasen),” which is filled with crushed red bean paste made by carefully cooking the finest Hokkaido Dainagon and sandwiched between a savory skin; “Warabimochi (from Kamakura Kotsuzu),” which has a simple yet attractive flavor made with rare honwarabi flour and traditional manufacturing methods; and “Temaribana (from Kamakura New German),” a baked sweet with the image of hydrangea, a representative flower of Kamakura.

Mikazuki-do Kasen, Kamakura Monaka 235 yen


Kamakura Oyatsu Sanpo (Kamakura Snack Walk)

【Event Period】 April 13 (Wed) – 19 (Tue), 2022
【Location】 Hanshin Umeda Main Store, 1st floor, “OYATSU-HARE-“, “Oyatsu no Hidashi”.
【Address】 1-13-13 Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka

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