KIMONO by NADESHIKO offers yukata with “fairy tale” animal patterns and hankin obis with dogs and cats in limited quantities starting today!

Kimono by Nadeshiko has collaborated with French artist Nathalie Lete on a new line of women’s yukata, which will be available in limited quantities at Kimono by Nadeshiko stores nationwide from June 17, 2022 (Friday).

Yukata in collaboration with Nathalie Lete

Nathalie Lete is an artist who creates picture books and textiles inspired by childhood memories and fantasies. She is loved for her humorous and happy style that makes you feel as if you have stepped into a “fairy tale”.

Flower Garden Haori: 66,000 yen, Animals’ Yukata: 63,800 yen

Bambi, squirrels, and other “forest animal pattern” yukata

Kimono by Nadeshiko offers yukata, obi, haori, obidome, furoshiki, and more in collaboration with Nathalie Lethe. The “Animals’ Yukata” yukata depicts animals in the forest, such as Bambi and squirrels. Based on a cool light blue base color, it is decorated with patterns inspired by “scenery seen on a walk. Kids’ sizes are also available, and for the first time the brand offers matching patterns for parents and children.

Animals’ yukata: 63,800 yen, kids: 38,500 yen

Scalloped “fish pattern” yukata

The “Fishy Yukata” features colorful fish swimming happily and red polka dots reminiscent of water bubbles. The feminine scalloped design on the sleeves and hem, combined with a fresh white base made of organic cotton yarn, creates an elegant impression.

Right) Fish yukata 78,100 yen

Dog and cat” obi and Alice-patterned furoshiki are also available.

Attention is also focused on items that can be coordinated with yukata. The “Flower Garden Haori,” which can be worn over clothes like a cardigan, is decorated with flowers, fruits, and butterflies. “The “Inu to Neko no Hankin Obi (Dog and cat half-width obi,)” is reversible, with a dog and cat on the front and a rabbit and swan on the back.

The “cloisonne ware obidome” is hand-painted with different textures, and comes in four types: lily, bird, elephant, and tiger. The “Furoshiki Alice,” which can also be used as a bag by tying the ends together, is boldly decorated with Alice lost in Wonderland.


KIMONO by NADESHIKO “Nathalie Lete” Collaboration

【Release Date】 Limited quantities available from June 17, 2022 (Friday)
*Available at the Yamato online store from 10:00 a.m.
【Store】 Kimono by Nadeshiko stores, Yamato online store