Kirby fans should definitely visit! Have a happy time in the cute Kirby world!


Kirby Cafes in Tokyo and Hakata are offering summer-only menus. The period is from July 6, 2023 (Thursday) to September 18, 2023 (Monday / holiday).

“Kirby Cafe” Summer Limited Menu

The Kirby Café, which is based on the popular game series Kirby’s Dream Land, is offering a limited summer menu. In 2023, we will develop a total of 7 types with the theme of “lemon”.

French toast like Warp Star 1,408 yen

“Car-shaped Kirby” sweets plate

Our recommendation is the playful sweets plate that reproduces the menu that appears in the Waddle Dee Cafe in the game Kirby Discovery. Sponge sandwiched with fruit jam is coated with strawberry-flavored “punipuni” blancmange to express “Kuruma Hobari Kirby” running on a stage made of fruits and sweets.

Transform! Car-shaped Kirby cake ~WELCOME TO THE NEW WORLD! ~ 1,958 yen

“Lemon-colored” Kirby Parfait

“Kirby’s Lemon Lemon Parfait” is an eye-catching parfait with “lemon-colored” ice cream with Kirby as a motif. Layered slices of lemon, whipped cream, and sweet and sour lemon jelly are sprinkled here and there with “star-shaped” sugar.

Kirby Lemon Lemon Parfait with glass 2,728yen, without glass 1,760yen

Expressing “Kirby spending time at sea”

Also check out the non-alcoholic “Ururun Star Cocktail” made with marshmallows and floating Kirby. The appearance is inspired by the “sea” and the refreshing taste accented with lemon and mint makes it a summery drink.

Ururun Star Cocktail 1,540yen

In addition, there is a gapao rice plate “Kirby’s Summer Vacation 2023” that comes with a “Blue Sea where Kirby swims” dessert, and a “Warp Star” style French toast with Kirby on it.

Kirby’s Summer Vacation 2023 1,958 yen


“Kirby Cafe” Summer Limited Menu

【Period】 July 6th (Thursday) to September 18th (Monday/holiday), 2023
■ Kirby Cafe Tokyo
Tokyo Skytree Town Solamachi East Yard 4F 9, 1-1-2 Oshiage, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
■ Kirby Cafe Hakata
Fukuoka Prefecture Fukuoka City Hakata Ward Sumiyoshi 1-2-1 Canal City Hakata North Building B1F
【Official Website】