Komeda Coffee Shop is releasing a seasonal Shiro Noir, “Ogura Noir!”


Komeda Coffee Shop (Komeda’s coffee) plans to launch its seasonal Shiro Noir “Ogura Noir” at Komeda Coffee Stores nationwide from March 10, 2022 (Thursday) until late April.
That means… many places may have already done it, but the chirino noir in collaboration with GODIVA will also be over! If you haven’t tried it yet, hurry to Komeda Coffee!

Japanese Shiro Noir” with homemade Ogura-an and strawberry sauce

Komeda Coffee Shop has introduced a Japanese shironoire with homemade Ogura-an (sweet bean paste). Komeda’s homemade Ogura-an, which brings out the true flavor of azuki beans, is sandwiched between two pieces of warm Danish bread. Topped with cool soft-serve ice cream and sweet and sour strawberry sauce. The “Ogura Noir,” with its perfect balance of sourness and sweetness, is a flavor only available in spring.

The lineup will be available in regular sizes that can be shared by everyone and mini sizes that can be enjoyed by one person.


Komeda Coffee Shop “Ogura Noir” 750-770 yen, mini size 550-570 yen

【Sales Period】 Mar. 10 (Thu) – Late April *To be determined
【Store】 Komeda Coffee stores nationwide *Excluding some stores
*Prices vary by store.
*Strawberry sauce is flavored with a touch of Western wine.
*Some stores offer the mini size as “Ogura Noir Kyun Heart” with a heart-shaped Danish.

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