Komeda Coffee Shop is releasing new items one after another! They all look so good!


Komeda’s coffee has introduced the seasonal “Komeda Shaved Ice” and the seasonal “Shiro-noire Setouchi Lemon”. The shaved ice will be available until the end of September 2021, and the shiro-noir will be available at all Komeda’s coffee nationwide from June 16 (Wed.) to early August 2021.

Komeda’s coffee’s popular new “Shiro-Noir” menu

From Komeda’s coffee’s popular “Shiro-Noir” menu, comes the “Shiro-Noir Setouchi Lemon” made with “Setouchi Lemons”.

The warm Danish bread is topped with soft ice cream and a sauce made from the juice and rind of Setouchi lemons, and topped with a phyllantine. The yellow of the lemon and the green of the phyllite remind us of a lemon tree, making this a refreshing dish to look at.

The lightly sweetened soft serve ice cream and the sweet and sour lemon sauce are a perfect match. “The mild sourness and aroma of Setouchi lemons fills your mouth, making it the perfect summer flavor.

New Shaved Ice at Komeda! La France and Grape Flavors.

Komeda’s coffee’s shaved ice is a famous summer treat where you can enjoy the “fluffy” mouthfeel, the “chilly” texture of the ice, and the “sizzling” taste of the fresh syrup. In 2021, Komeda’s coffee will offer five kinds of shaved ice: three kinds of fruit ice with fruit pulp, and the standard green tea and strawberry ice.

The focus is on the new flavors for 2021, “La France Ice” and “Grape Ice”. The “La France Ice” is made from Yamagata Prefecture’s La France, which has an elegant aroma, rich flavor, and smooth texture. The “Grape Ice” is made with plenty of grape juice and pulp to provide a rich sweetness and moderate sourness.

There’s also the re-released white peach and the classic Uji green tea and strawberry!

The new “White Peach Ice” has a sweet and fresh taste, topped with fresh white peach pulp and domestic white peach puree syrup. There is also the “Uji Matcha Ice,” made with 100% Uji Matcha green tea, with its rich aroma and refreshing bitterness, and the nostalgic and popular “Strawberry Ice.

You can top it with soft ice cream, condensed milk, or other toppings as you like, and enjoy a cool, refreshing treat just for this season.


Shiro-Noir, Setouchi Lemon
【Sales Period】 Jun 16 (Wed.) – early August, 2021
【Price】 Regular size 750 yen to 770 yen, mini size 550 yen to 570 yen

Shaved ice at Komeda
【Sales Period】 ~Late September 2021 (to be determined)
*Some stores have different sales periods. Contact the store directly for details on sales.
【Price】*Prices vary by store.
La France, grape, white peach and green tea ice: 650 – 680 yen (mini: 540 – 570 yen)
Strawberry ice: 540 yen to 570 yen (mini: 430 yen to 460 yen)
Various toppings: Soft ice cream: 120 yen / Condensed milk: 70 yen / Ogura-an: 110 yen

【Store】 Komeda’s coffee Nationwide