Komeda Coffee Shop’s winter-only burger, Gra-Cro (Gratin Croquette Burger), is back this year!


Komeda’s coffee’s seasonal “Gra-Cro (Gratin Croquette Burger)” will be available again in 2021, from December 15 (Wed.), 2021 to late February 2022 at all Komeda Coffee stores nationwide.

The limited-edition Gra-Cro (Gratin Croquette Burger) burger will be available again in 2021.

Komeda Coffee Shop’s “Gra-Cro” is a winter-only burger with a gratin croquette in between. When you take a bite out of the crispy battered croquette, the warm and melty gratin overflows from inside.

White sauce “thickened” with five kinds of cheese

In 2021, Gratin Croquette’s white sauce has been upgraded to a richer & creamier taste. By using five kinds of cheese, including Gouda, Mozzarella, Cheddar, Parmesan, and the new Edam cheese, a deeper flavor has been achieved. In addition to fresh cream, Hokkaido milk is also used to accentuate the mellowness of the milk.

The Gratin Croquette, which uses a special white sauce, is sandwiched between a moist and fluffy bun with crunchy cabbage and Komeda’s special domed grass sauce. If you like, you can add pepper sauce for a tangy taste.


Komeda Coffee Shop’s winter-only burger, Gra-Cro (Gratin Croquette Burger)

【Sales Period】 Dec. 15 (Wed), 2021 – Late February, 2022
【Store】 All Komeda Coffee stores nationwide *Except some stores.
【Price】 580-610 yen *Prices vary by store.