Komeda’s coffee just released their seasonal shaved ice! When it gets hot, run right in!

  • 06/05/2022
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Seasonal shaved ice from Komeda’s coffee shop will be available at Komeda coffee shops nationwide until mid-September 2022.

Komeda’s coffee is serving up fluffy shaved ice for 2022!

Komeda’s coffee’s shaved ice is a summer tradition. is the watchword for the shaved ice at Komeda Coffee Shop, a summer tradition. When you put the fluffy shaved ice in your mouth, you will feel the cool texture of the ice, followed by the fresh syrup. Komeda’s coffee’s shaved ice can be enjoyed with your favorite toppings such as soft-serve ice cream and condensed milk.

Strawberry 570-630 yen (mini 470-530 yen)

Three new flavors

Three new flavors join the lineup for 2022. The “Komeda Special Caramel Au Lait” is a combination of café au lait syrup made from Komeda’s iced coffee and caramel sauce. The bittersweet coffee flavor is matched with the sweet and rich caramel sauce to create a “mature” taste.

Aloe Muscat” has a refreshing flavor perfect for hot summer days. The shaved ice is filled with a refreshingly sweet Muscat syrup and accented with the texture of aloe pulp.

The “Three Fruits Mix” shaved ice combines peaches, bananas, and oranges. The use of fruit juice, pulp, and puree allows customers to enjoy the rich sweetness and moderate acidity of the fruits.

The standard “Uji green tea” and “Strawberry” are also available.

The regular flavors include “Uji Matcha,” which offers the rich aroma and mellow flavor of Uji green tea, and “Strawberry” shaved ice, which has a nostalgic taste.


Komeda Coffee Shop Seasonal Shaved Ice

【Sales Period】 till Mid-September 2022 (to be determined)
*Sales period differs at some stores. Contact the store directly for availability.
【Store】 Komeda Coffee Stores Nationwide
【Price】 Prices vary by store.
・Komeda’s special caramel au lait, aloe muscat, three kinds of fruit mix, and Uji green tea: 680 yen to 740 yen each (minis: 580 yen to 640 yen each)
・Strawberry: 570 yen to 630 yen (mini: 470 yen to 530 yen)
・Various toppings: Soft ice cream 120 yen / Condensed milk 80 yen / Ogura-an 120 yen