Komeda’s coffee launches seasonal Shironoire “Shironoire Apricot Mango”!


Komeda’s coffee will launch its seasonal Shironoir, “Shironoir Apricot Mango,” at all Komeda Coffee stores nationwide from August 4 (Wed), 2021 until mid-September.

Shironoir Apricot Mango

The “Shieo-Noir Apricot Mango” is a Shiro-Noir based on the concept of the popular Asian sweet “Apricot Mango”. A generous amount of mango sauce is added with “Kyoninso,” the key ingredient in the taste of apricot bean curd, to add a gorgeous aroma. It melts with the milky soft ice cream and gives you the feeling of eating apricot flavored tofu.

In addition, the texture of the smooth pulp and the sweet and sour taste of the ripe mangoes combine to create a tropical taste perfect for summer. The result is a tropical taste that is refreshing to eat even in the hot season. There is a regular size for sharing and a mini size for eating alone or as a dessert.


Komeda’s coffee Shiro-Noir Apricot Mango

【Sales Period】 Aug 4 (Wed) – Mid-September (to be determined) /*End of sale period varies by store.
【Store】 Komeda’s coffee Nationwide *Sales exclude some stores.
【Price】 Shiro-Noir – Apricot Mango – 750 yen – 770 yen / Mini size: 550 yen to 570 yen
*Prices vary by store.