Komeda’s coffee shop (Komeda Coffee Shop) has introduced a new “Cheese Curly Dog” in collaboration with Shinjuku Nakamuraya.


Komeda’s coffee shop has collaborated with Shinjuku Nakamuraya to create a new “Cheese Curly Dog,” which will be available at Komeda coffee shops nationwide from June 22, 2022 (Wednesday) until mid-September.

New “Cheese Curly Dog” in collaboration with Shinjuku Nakamuraya

Komeda Coffee Shop’s “Cheese Curly Dog” is a hot dog with an original curry sauce developed jointly with Shinjuku Nakamuraya. The dog bun is specially made by Komeda Coffee Shop, with crispy sausage, “melty” hot cheese, and a special sauce for the “Cheese Curly Dog” made from the original curry sauce.

The special sauce is made by simmering the original curry sauce with more than 10 spices, slow-fried onions, carrots, apples, dates, ground beef and pork, bouillon and Worcestershire sauce. The sausage gravy, rich cheese, spicy aroma, and concentrated flavor of vegetables and fruits combine to create a dish that is appetizing even in the hot summer months.

Cheese Curly Dog 580 yen – 640 yen

Shrimp Curry Bread” and “Pork Cutlet Curry Bread” are also available.

During the same period, under the title of “Curry Festival,” Komeda Coffee Shop will also sell “Shrimp Curry Bread,” which was well received in 2021, and “Katsu Curry Bread,” a popular standard item. Customers can fully enjoy the taste of the original curry sauce, made with carefully selected spices only, in collaboration with Shinjuku Nakamuraya.

This is the fifth collaboration with Shinjuku Nakamuraya, following “Katsu Curry Bun,” “Curry Croquette Burger,” “Curry Menti Cutlet Burger,” and “Shrimp Curry Bun.


Komeda Coffee Shop “Curry Festival

【Sales Period】 June 22 (Wed), 2022 to mid-September (tentative)
【Store】 Komeda Coffee Stores Nationwide
【Menu & Price】
Cheese Curly Dogs 580 yen – 640 yen
Shrimp curry bread: 910-1,000 yen
Curry bread with pork cutlet: 910-1,000 yen

*Cutlet Katsu Curry Bread is a year-round product.
*Prices vary by store.
*All images are for reference only. The serving style and container may vary depending on the store.
*Take-out service may not be available at all stores. Please contact the store directly for details.
【URL】 https://www.komeda.co.jp/