Komeda’s Coffee Shop’s Shiro-noire now comes in the shape of a heart! Godiva’s “Shiro-noire Kyun Heart” is now on sale in limited quantities!


Komeda’s coffee will launch a new menu item, “Shiro-noire Kyun Heart,” supervised by Godiva, in limited quantities at all Komeda’s Coffee stores nationwide from February 4, 2022 (Fri).

Godiva’s “Shiro-Noir Kyun Heart”

Komeda’s Coffee Shop’s popular “Shiro-noire” sweets are now available in a cute pink color under the supervision of premium chocolate brand Godiva. This is the first time in the history of Komeda’s Coffee Shop that it has a cute heart-shaped look.

The heart-shaped Danish pastry is decorated with ruby chocolate and raspberry sauce. On the side, cool soft-serve ice cream and flaked couverture chocolate add a touch of luxury.

The ruby chocolate used in the Shiro-noir is a luxurious “ruby chocolate” created from rare cacao beans under the supervision of Godiva. The fruity aroma and refreshing sweetness of ruby chocolate can be enjoyed.

Shiro-Noir Kyun Heart 650-670 yen


Komeda’s Coffee Shop Godiva supervised “Shiro-noire Kuyun Heart”

【Release Date】 Feb. 4 (Fri), 2022 *Sales will end as soon as the limited number is reached.
【Price】 650 – 670 yen *Prices vary by store.
【Store】 All Komeda’s Coffee stores in Japan

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