Komeda’s coffee’s most popular menu item, Shironoire, now comes in a limited time flavor!


Komeda’s coffee will release a seasonal Shiro Noir, ” Shiro Noir Luxury Pistachio,” at stores nationwide from October 1 (Fri.), 2021.

Shiro Noir Luxury Pistachio

“The “Shiro Noir Luxury Pistachio” is a pistachio-filled shiro noir that uses a lavish amount of pistachios, also known as the “queen of nuts.

The bright green sauce is made with roasted pistachio paste from California. The result is a savory, mildly sweet sauce. The rich and dense flavor goes well with the refreshing soft serve ice cream.

It is finished with crushed pistachios for an added touch of texture. It is available in a regular size for sharing and a mini size for enjoying alone or as a dessert.


Komeda’s coffee Shiro Noir Luxury Pistachio

【Sales Period】 Oct 1 (Fri), 2021 – Middle of November
【Store】 Komeda’s coffee nationwide
【Price】 Shiro Noir Luxury Pistachio 750 – 770 yen / Mini size 550 – 570 yen