Krispy Kreme Donut Valentine Limited Box Release! Mini chocolate donut with heart & smile


Krispy Kreme Donuts will release a “chocolate mini box” packed with Valentine’s limited donuts at Krispy Kreme Donut stores from February 1 (Wednesday) to 14 (Tuesday), 2023. do.

Valentine’s limited box filled with chocolate dough mini donuts

The “Chocolate Mini Box”, which is limited to Valentine’s Day, is a box containing a small mini donut finished with chocolate dough. We have prepared sets of 3, 10, and 20 that are perfect for souvenirs and gifts.

Five kinds of donuts are selected in the box. For example, the “Mini Choco Smile Pudding” and “Mini Choco Smile Strawberry” are donuts made by coating fluffy chocolate dough with pudding-flavored or strawberry-flavored chocolate for a gentle taste. The cute appearance with a smile is also a point.

In addition, the “Mini Chocolate Strawberry Heart” with a cute heart in the image of red thread is coated with sweet white chocolate. In addition, the lineup includes “Mini Chocolate Sprinkles” and “Mini Chocolate White Sprinkles”, which are sprinkled with colorful sprinkles with a fun texture.


“Chocolate mini box”

【Sales Period】 February 1st (Wednesday) to 14th (Tuesday), 2023
【Store】 Krispy Kreme Donut stores *Excluding special events and retail stores other than KKD stores.
【Price】 3 pieces 540 yen (eat-in 550 yen), 10 pieces 1,490 yen (eat-in 1,518 yen), 20 pieces 2,494 yen (eat-in 2,541 yen)
*There is no single item sale of mini donuts.
*Prices may vary depending on the store.
*It will end as soon as it runs out.