Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Introduces Early Summer Limited Edition “Melon & Watermelon” Doughnuts!


Krispy Kreme Doughnuts has introduced an early summer limited edition doughnut with a melon and watermelon motif, which will be available from May 12 (Wed.), 2021 until mid-July.

“Donuts that look like fruit

The new doughnuts, which look like melons and watermelons, not only have a unique appearance, but also taste like fruit, with the flavor of each being reproduced.

Watermelon Rings

The “Watermelon Ring” is made with a layer of juicy watermelon juice napage on a white chocolate surface, accented with chocolate chip seeds.

Watermelon ring: 270 yen (275 yen eat-in)

Melon Cream

On the other hand, the “Melon Cream,” with its white chocolate melon mesh pattern, is filled with cream containing Furano melon juice for a rich flavor.

Melon cream: 270 yen (eat-in: 275 yen)

“Frozen drinks with mango pulp are also available.

At the same time, “Crispy Frozen Rich Mango,” a refreshing frozen drink using the rich sweetness of Alphonso mango, will also be released. The diced mango pulp and mild whipped cream make a perfect match, making it the perfect drink for early summer.

Crispy Frozen Rich Mango 583 yen (eat-in: 594 yen)


Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Early Summer Limited Edition Doughnuts

【Sales Period】 May 12 (Wed), 2021 – Mid-July, 2021 (planned)
【Menu & Price】
・Watermelon ring, melon cream: 270 yen each (275 yen each at eat-in)
・Crispy Frozen Rich Mango 583 yen (594 yen eat-in)
*All prices include tax.
*All prices include tax. Not available at events and event spaces.
*Crispy Frozen Rich Mango will be available from May 12 (Wed) until mid-September.
【Store】 Krispy Kreme Doughnuts nationwide
【Store in Osaka】 Links Umeda Store, Kita-Shinsaibashi Store, Kyobshi Keihan Mall Store (Temporarily closed.) Shin Osaka Store (Temporarily Closed.), Diamor Osaka Store (Temporarily Closed.)