Krispy Kreme is releasing a limited edition doughnut with four textures and autumn ingredients for a limited time only!


Krispy Kreme Doughnuts has introduced a new autumn doughnut and frozen drink, “PRECIOUS 4 DELICIOUS,” which will be available for a limited time only at stores nationwide from September 1 (Wed.), 2021.

Krispy Kreme’s Limited Edition Doughnuts Offer Four Textures and Autumn Produce

“Chewy, chewy, chewy” azuki bean milk

For example, the “Muchi-Mochi Hokuhoku Azuki Milk” is a doughnut with a “muchi-mochi” texture made by kneading Hokkaido azuki beans into the dough, topped with smooth milk cream and Hokkaido azuki sweet beans. Doughnut. It is a doughnut that offers the perfect harmony between the simple sweetness of the chewy azuki beans and the chewy texture of the dough.

Munchy, chewy, chewy azuki bean milk: 270 yen (275 yen for eat-in)

A variety of textures, such as “fluffy and smooth” and “fluffy and tasty,” are combined with the taste of autumn.

In addition, there is the “Fluffy and Smooth” Juicy Grape, which has a fluffy texture and is coated with two types of grape juice napage, and the “Fluffy and Tasty” Marron Chocolate, which has a chocolate dough blended with cocoa from Ghana and is filled with Japanese chestnut cream. These are just a few examples of the unique lineup of products that combine different doughs and ingredients.

Affogato-style frozen drinks.

The limited-edition drink, “Crispy Frozen Japanese Chestnut Affogato,” is an affogato-style frozen drink with the elegant and deep flavor of Japanese chestnuts. The sweetness of the Japanese chestnut milk frozen and the refreshing aroma of the original coffee blend create a marbled pattern, making it the perfect drink for autumn.

Crispy Frozen Japanese Chestnut Affogato: 442 yen (451 yen for eat-in)


Krispy Kreme Doughnuts “PRECIOUS 4 DELICIOUS”.

【Sales Period】 Sep 1 (Wed) – 30 (Thu), 2021
*”Crispy Frozen Japanese Chestnut Affogato” will be available until the end of March 2022. “Muchi Mochi Hoki Hoki” Azuki Milk” will be available until the end of October.
【Store】 Krispy Kreme Nationwide
・ “Munchy, chewy, chewy” azuki bean milk: 270 yen (275 yen for eat-in)
・ “Fluffy, smooth”, juicy grape: 270 yen (275 yen for eat-in)
・ “Fluffy and tasty”Marron chocolate: 270 yen (275 yen for eat-in)
*Prices may vary by store.
*The sale will end as soon as they are gone.