Kyomoimo, a baked sweet potato specialty store in Osaka, is now offering a summer-only Japanese shaved ice called “Uji Hojicha” for a limited time only!


Kyomoimo(Sweet Potatoes Today), a yaki-imo specialty restaurant in Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture, is offering a summer-only “shaved ice” menu, available from July 25 (Mon.) through August 31 (Wed.), 2022.

Summer-only “fluffy” shaved ice at yaki-imo specialty store “Kyomoimo” (Sweet Potatoes Today)

Ishigama Yaki-imo (Baked Sweet Potato) Kyomo-imo (Sweet Potatoes Today) is popular for its deeply sweet yaki-imo, which is baked slowly in a stone kiln every day, and its arranged menu using sweet potatoes. For the summer season only, the restaurant offers three types of “fluffy” shaved ice menus that combine Japanese ingredients.

Shaved ice with “Uji hojicha tea, azuki beans, and shiratama (white rice balls)”

The “Uji hojicha and azuki bean with shiratama (white bean curd)” is the highlight of the menu. The ice is topped with Uji hojicha green tea toppings, mashed azuki beans, and chewy shiratama (white bean curd) to create a delightful texture.

Refreshing “Hyuganatsu and Cream Cheese” and Black Bean & Kinako (soybean flour)” are also available.

The “Hyuganatsu and Cream Cheese” is made with refreshing summery hyuganatsu fruit and peel. The combination with the rich “cream cheese syrup” is an irresistible delicacy.

In addition, “Kinako to Tanba no Kuromame with Shiratama” will be available, in which the savory Tanba Kuromame and soybean flour syrup are a perfect match.


Shaved ice menu for summer season only

【Sales Period】 Sunday July 25 – Wednesday 31, August, 2022
【Store】 Ishigama (Stone oven), yaki-imo (Baked Sweet Potato), Kyomoimo(Sweet Potatoes Today)
【Address】 AEON MALL Sakai Kitahanada 3F, 4-1-12 Higashi Asakayama-cho, Kita-ku, Sakai City, Osaka
【Business Hour】 10:00 – 21:00