Ladurée collaborates with Sylvanian Families! The collection is now on sale.


Ladurée has launched a collection of limited edition macaron boxes and other items in collaboration with “Sylvanian Families” on Saturday, October 9, 2021.

Ladurée collaborates with Sylvanian Families!

Ladurée has collaborated with the Sylvanian Families, a toy series that has been loved by many people across generations and countries. The heartwarming world of the animal family has been incorporated into Ladurée’s macarons and macaron boxes.

Limited edition macaron boxes and printed macarons depicting Flare & Sky

The limited edition macaron box features a charming design of “Flare”, a chocolaty rabbit, and “Sky”, a Persian cat, enjoying Ladurée tea time. “Flare is wearing a Laduree boutique uniform with the motif of a patisserie “Luriduse”. There are two types of boxes to choose from: a 6-piece “Rose” box and a 12-piece “Blue” box.

Limited-edition macaroon boxes, Sylvanian Families Blue, 12 pieces, 5,400 yen

Limited edition printed macarons featuring the faces of “Flare” and “Sky” are also available. “Flair” and “Skye” have adorable expressions on their Vanille and raspberry flavored macaroons, respectively. These macarons can be purchased individually or together with the macaron box.

Limited Edition Macaroon Flare (Vanille) / Sky (Framboise) 432 yen per piece

A set of dolls and accessories to recreate Ladurée tea time

In addition, a limited set of “Flare” and “Sky” dolls and accessories to enjoy Ladurée’s elegant tea time is also available in limited quantities. The set includes Ladurée macaroons, patisseries, showcases, tables, and other Ladurée inspired furniture and accessories, as well as “Flare” and “Sky” dolls. “The set includes furniture and accessories inspired by Ladurée, such as macaroons, pastries, showcases, and tables, as well as Flair and Sky dolls.

On the occasion of the launch of the collaboration collection, large “Sylvanian Families” dolls in original costumes will appear at 15 Ladurée boutiques nationwide from October 9 (Sat) to December 9 (Thu). You can enjoy taking photos with them.


Ladurée x Sylvanian Families

【Launch Date】 Oct 9 (Sat), 2021
【Store】 Ladurée nationwide
【Store in Osaka】 Lucua Osaka Store