Lawson “Premium Roll Cake” has been renewed!


LAWSON’s “Premium Roll Cake” has been renewed and will go on sale on May 31, 2022 (Tuesday).

Renewal of long-selling “Premium Roll Cake

LAWSON’s long-selling “Premium Roll Cake” has evolved to become even more delicious. The hit product, which has sold a total of more than 440 million units in the series, has been reborn as a new product.

The new product features a new whipped cream that melts “softly” in the mouth, combining two types of fresh Hokkaido cream and one type of whipped cream in a well-balanced manner. The new whipped cream is more milk-like than ever before, but has a refreshing aftertaste that makes it easy to eat.

The dough for the roll cake is made of “Houkasa-jirushi,” a brand of flour loved by confectionary specialty stores. The soft and smooth dough lavishly envelopes a generous amount of cream.

“Premium roll cake” 162 yen

Premium roll cake in a parfait!

In conjunction with the renewal of “Premium Roll Cake,” “Premium Roll Cake Parfait with Strawberry Pulp Sauce” was also released. The parfait is made with the new “Premium Roll Cake” cream as the main ingredient and a mini-sized Premium Roll Cake as a garnish. The cream is filled with a strawberry pulp sauce, giving the parfait a flavor similar to strawberry shortcake.

Premium roll cake parfait with strawberry pulp sauce: 333 yen


Lawson New Sweets

【Release Date】 May 31 (Tue), 2022
【Item】 Premium Roll Cake 162 yen / Premium Roll Cake Parfait with Strawberry Powder Sauce: 333 yen