Lawson’s second phase of strawberry sweets goes on sale today!


In conjunction with Strawberry Day (January 15), LAWSON is holding a fair called “Strawberry Picking at LAWSON! The second phase of the fair, new sweets, will be available at LAWSON stores nationwide from January 11 (Tuesday), 2022.

LAWSON’s Strawberry Sweets for “Strawberry Day

LAWSON is rolling out for the New Year “Strawberry Picking at LAWSON! The fair will feature a wide variety of sweets made with strawberries. The second phase of the fair will feature eight products, including the popular LAWSON roll cake.

Strawberry Milk Roll Cake

The “Strawberry Milk Roll Cake” is a roll cake with a sweet and sour strawberry cream, a rich milk cream, and a combination of the two creams to give you three different tastes. The center of the cake is decorated with juicy strawberries.

Strawberry Milk Roll Cake 240 yen

Glutinous rice cake rolls with strawberry milk

The “Mochi Wrapped Mochi Texture Roll Ichigo Miruku” is made with a layer of sticky texture dough and strawberry flavored gyuhi dough, wrapped with strawberry miruku cream, strawberry sauce and milk sauce. The “attractive cross-section” of this product is also appealing.

Glutinous rice cake rolls: strawberry milk, 380 yen

Snack Coppe: Strawberry and Anko with Gyuhi

Lawson’s popular “snack cobbler” has been arranged with strawberries and red bean paste. Strawberries, bite-sized gyuhi, whipped Hokkaido fresh cream with a milky texture, and red bean paste made from Hokkaido red beans are sandwiched in a fluffy cobbler.

Snack Coppe: Strawberry and Anko with Gyuhi 328 yen

Strawberry custard

We also recommend the “Strawberry Custard” sandwich, which is perfect for a light meal and can also be enjoyed as a sweet treat. The sandwich is made with sweet and sour strawberries, whipped Hokkaido fresh cream with a milkiness, and gently sweet custard cream.

Strawberry custard 395 yen


Strawberry Picking at Lawson! Sweets Vol. 2

【Release Date】 Jan 11 (Tue), 2022
【Store】 LAWSON stores nationwide *Except for LAWSON STORE100