Lawson’s strawberry sweets are being released one after another!


In conjunction with Strawberry Day (January 15), LAWSON is holding a fair called “Strawberry Picking at LAWSON! LAWSON will hold a fair called “Strawberry Hunting at LAWSON! New strawberry sweets and bakery items will be available sequentially from January 4 (Tuesday), 2022.

“Pancakes with drowned cream (strawberry flavor).”

The “Obore Cream Pancakes (Strawberry Flavor)” are, as the name suggests, pancakes that are “drowned” in cream. The strawberry pancakes are filled with whipped cream, a blend of fresh Hokkaido cream and whipped cream, and garnished with a sweet and sour sauce. The sugar content of the whipped cream is reduced by 25%, which is a great point.

Obore-cream pancakes (strawberry flavor) 265 yen

Toro-Nama Warabi-Mochi, Strawberry

The “Toro-Nama Warabi-Mochi, Strawberry” is a strawberry mochi dough made with domestic strawberry flour and strawberry juice. The strawberry sauce on top of the strawberry dough goes perfectly with the whipped cream on top.

Toro-Nama Warabi-Mochi, Strawberry 195 yen

Strawberry pancakes, 2 pieces.

The bright pink color of the “Strawberry Mochi Pancakes (2 pieces)” is eye-catching. The strawberry whipped cream with candied strawberry chips and strawberry-infused chocolate chips is sandwiched between two pieces of fluffy batter. The strawberry flavor will fill your mouth as you bite into it.

Strawberry pancakes, 2 pieces, 140 yen


Strawberry Picking at Lawson! New Sweets

【Release Date】 Jan 4 (Tue), 2022 *Phase 2: To be released on Tuesday, January 11, 2022 (next article)
【Store】 LAWSON stores nationwide *Except for LAWSON STORE100