Lawson’s Uchi Café Spécialité has a new matcha green tea sweet on sale now!


The new “Miyabi Roll Uji Matcha” from Lawson’s “Uchi Café Spécialité,” a “rewarding sweets” brand, is now on sale at Lawson stores nationwide from June 1 (Tuesday), 2021.

Popular Premium Roll Cake with Uji Matcha Makes for a “Treat”!

LAWSON’s “rewarding sweets” series, “Uchi-Cafe Speciale,” went on sale in October 2020. The newest addition to the series is a luxurious version of the popular “Premium Roll Cake” using fragrant Uji green tea.

A ganache made of Uji green tea and white chocolate, cookie crunch, and Uji green tea mousse are wrapped in a moist sponge dough, and the top is covered with Uji green tea whipped cream and Uji green tea mousse. The top is covered with Uji green tea whipped cream and Uji green tea mousse. The result is an elegant sweet that can be enjoyed in terms of aroma, taste and texture.

Fermented butter sweets from Hokkaido are also available.

In addition, from June 8 (Tuesday), one week after the release of “Miyabi Roll Uji Matcha,” “Tsuyu Maro Custard Flan,” “Tsuyu Iro Melon Butter Biscuit Sandwich,” and “Milk Butter Dew Fluff Cake (with Milk Butter Sauce)” using fermented butter from Hokkaido will be available.

The “Milk Butter Dewy Fluffy Cake (with Milk Butter Sauce)” is a visually appealing and “delicious” item, with milk butter sauce with condensed milk overflowing from the fluffy dough.


Lawson Uchi Café Spécialité

■ Miyabi Roll Uji Matcha 350 yen
【Release Date】 Jun 1 (Tue.) 2021

■ Uchi Café Spécialité Tsuyu Maro custard flan 270 yen
■ Uchi Café Spécialité Tsuyu Iro Melon Butter Biscuit Sandwich 270 yen
■ Uchi Café Spécialité milk butter tsuyu fluffy cake (with milk butter sauce): 270 yen
【Release Date】 Jun 8 (Tue.), 2021

【Store】 All LAWSON stores nationwide (excluding LAWSON STORE100)