LeSportsac has just released the My Neighbor Totoro collection for Japan only!

LeSportsac and Donguri Republic have collaborated to launch the LeSportsac “My Neighbor Totoro Collection” in Japan only on March 10 (Wed).

The theme of this collection is “many discoveries when seen through the eyes of a child,” and the designs include Totoro and dust bunnies that children like Satsuki and Mai can find. The collection is recommended for early spring, when the seasons are changing and the heart is beating fast, and it is a great way to start a new life.

Botanical” depicting wild flowers and Totoro and his friends.

Totoro Botanical” is a romantic print with a navy base color depicting wild flowers blooming in the world of “My Neighbor Totoro” and Totoro and his friends. It is a hand-drawn pattern with an image of plants at night, inspired by the dancing scene in the movie where the plants are growing.

From Left) Harper Bag” 18,000 yen + Tax, “Quinn Bag” 9,000 yen + Tax
Cosmetics Clutch: 3,600 yen + Tax, Small Sloan Cosmetics: 2,900 yen + Tax

Easy to use “Gray” with denim fabric pattern

Totoro Gray,” which is based on the Totoro color gray, depicts Large Totoro, Medium Totoro, Small Totoro, and Mukuro Kurosuke with a hand-drawn touch. The background color also has a denim fabric pattern, making it easy to use in everyday life. The words “LeSportsac” and “Totoro” are included in the print.

Classic Hobo, 15,500 yen + Tax; Deluxe Large Weekender, 22,500 yen + Tax.
3-Zip Cosmetic: 3,300 yen + Tax, Rectangular Cosmetic: 3,200 yen + Tax

A cute pouch with Totoro’s expression is also available!

As a special item, the “Glad Morning [Square Cosmetic]” and “It wasn’t a dream [Square Cosmetic]” pouches, each with a watercolor touch, are also available for 3,500 yen plus tax. The expressions on the faces of the Great Totoro and the Medium Totoro are very cute! On the bottom of the pouch is a line from a famous scene in the play, “It was a dream, but it wasn’t a dream!


My Neighbor Totoro collection

【Release Date】 Mar 10 (wed)
【Store】 Official LeSportsac Online Store, LeSportsac Store, Acorn Republic Store, Acorn Republic Online Shop Sora no Ue Store
【Store in Osaka】 Lala port Expo city Store, Lucua Osaka Store, Kiddy Land Umeda Store, Namba Store, Alio Otori Store