Let’s enjoy the summer festival while staying cool! Schedule now!

At Konica Minolta Planetaria TOKYO in Yurakucho, Tokyo, the “Starry Sky Summer Festival” will be held from August 1, 2023 (Tuesday) to September 22, 2023 (Friday).

Planetaria TOKYO Summer Limited Event “Starry Sky Summer Festival”

Planetaria TOKYO is holding an event “Starry Sky Summer Festival” that can be enjoyed in the indoor planetarium dome as a “cool summer festival”. It is a space where you can enjoy the “summer festival feeling” with a limited menu such as the popular sparkling ramune drink, shooting stalls and lottery stalls, including a video production of fireworks floating in the night sky.

Dynamic fireworks display

In the cool dome, there are two types of parts: one where you can spend a relaxing time under the beautiful starry sky, in addition to the lively summer festival part where fireworks are set off, which is a summer tradition. Admission is free and photography is allowed, so you can enjoy the night sky to your heart’s content.

“Shining!?” Ramune drink

In addition, the “Starry Sky Summer Festival” limited menu is also available. Starting with the popular sparkling ramune drink “Starry Bottle Ramune”, we will develop photogenic food with the theme of summer festivals and starry skies, such as “Stardust Fruit Candy” and “Galaxy Churros”.

Shooting & Lottery

As a mini-game of the stalls unique to the festival, the lineup includes “planetary shooting” and “starry sky lottery” that aim at the target of the planet. All of them are preparing “luxury prizes for adults” such as a pair of galaxy sheet tickets that can be used at Planetaria TOKYO.


Starry sky summer festival

【Event Period】 August 1st (Tue) to September 22nd (Fri), 2023
【Hour】 13:00-19:00 *Until 16:00 on Fridays, no events on Saturdays
【Place】 Konica Minolta Planetaria TOKYO Yurakucho DOME1
【Address】 Yurakucho Mullion 9F, 2-5-1 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
【Admission Fee】 Free entrance
【Official website】 https://planetarium.konicaminolta.jp/planetariatokyo/