Kirby Café PETIT, a take-out sweets specialty store with the theme of Kirby of the Stars, has opened stores in Tokyo and Osaka. The Tokyo Station store will open on April 13, 2023 (Thursday), and the Tennoji store will open on April 26 (Wednesday).

“Kirby Cafe” specializing in takeout sweets opens in Tokyo and Osaka

Kirby Cafe Petit, a new brand of the popular character cafe Kirby Cafe, specializes in take-out sweets. You can enjoy a variety of take-out sweets such as tarts and cakes inspired by the world of Kirby’s Dream Land.

All 9 kinds of original sweets

“Fill your mouth car Cake PETIT”, which is a petite size of the “Fill your mouth car Cake”, which is popular at “Kirby Cafe”, Tiramisu with an original cup that Kirby and Waddle Dee will jump at, chocolate tarts decorated with macaroons with a maxim tomato motif, etc. There are 9 types of menus available.

Right)”Fill your mouth car Cake PETIT” 1,188 yen

Original goods are also sold

The store also has a goods corner. 20 kinds of original goods limited to Kirby Cafe Petit, such as Kirby & Waddle Dee stuffed animals and mascots with original designs, Langue de Chat and cookies in cans that are perfect for souvenirs, will be on sale.

“Stuffed Kirby/Waddle Dee (S)” 2,530 yen


“Kirby Cafe Petit Tokyo Station”
【Opening Date】 Thursday, April 13, 2023
【Place】 First Avenue Tokyo Station B1F Tokyo Character Street
【Address】 1-9-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
【Hour】 10:00~20:30

“Kirby Cafe Petit Tennoji”
【Opening Date】 Wednesday, April 26, 2023
【Place】 Tennoji Mio Main Building 6F
【Address】 10-39 Hiten-cho, Tennoji Ward, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture
【Hour】 11:00~21:00

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