Let’s make a refreshing change to the unpleasant summer mask life!

Just put it on your mask and crush it, and the mint scent will make your mask feel fresh and clean! Mascleaner Nose Pad” is now available! The product will be available at variety stores and drugstores nationwide from July 6 (Tue).

Eliminates discomfort caused by wearing masks

While we are still in a situation where we cannot do without our masks, many people may be suffering from the dampness and discomfort caused by wearing masks for long periods of time. The popular “Crackle and Refresh! Mascleaner” series, which solves such problems, has now been joined by a nose pad type.

Refresh your mask with the scent of mint.

The “Crackle and Refresh! Mascleaner Nose Pad” is an item that spreads a refreshing scent of spearmint extract and horseradish thiohexyl inside the mask when the capsule in the slit of the nose pad is crushed. The scent lasts for 5 hours, making the mask less uncomfortable for a long time.

It also prevents gaps in masks and reduces fogging of glasses.

In addition, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced that double masks are highly effective in preventing droplet infections, but at the same time, the CDC also announced the results of a study that showed that masks are equally effective if they fit closely to the face without gaps.

However, non-woven masks inevitably tend to have gaps. Moreover, in the coming heat wave, wearing two masks may be uncomfortable. From this point of view, this product is recommended.

It can also be used to reduce fogging of glasses as it adheres tightly between the face and the mask and fills in the gaps.

Make mask life a little more comfortable!

The “Crackle and Refresh! Mascleaner Nose Pads are for men and women, and come in a pack of six. The price is 638 yen (tax included). *Amazon is the cheapest, at 453 yen including tax.

In addition, the “Crackle and Refresh! MASKURINA Kids (Strawberry and Grape)” are also on sale. Maskilina Kids (Strawberry/Grape)” are also on sale for 660 yen each (tax included).

The “Crackle and Refresh! Mascleaner” series to make your life with Corona a little more comfortable.



【Release Date】 Jul 6 (Tue), 2021
【Price】 638 yen (Tax included)
【Store】 Variety stores, drugstores, and online stores nationwide