Limited quantities of “Bathclin-Cool” and “One Piece” collaboration products on sale!

On April 5 (Mon), Bathclin started to sell a limited number of products in collaboration with the anime “One Piece” from its popular annual “Bathclin Cool” project, “Summer Flavors.

“Bathclin Cool” for a long-lasting refreshing sensation

The “Bathclin Cool” One Piece Collaboration Design to be released this time is a product for parents and children to enjoy the refreshing feeling of “Bathclin Cool”. It contains menthol powder, a unique ingredient that dissolves the easily volatile menthol into hot water.

Increase the effect of warm water and feel refreshed after bathing

In addition, the active ingredient sodium sulfate enhances the warming effect of the bath, and the amino acid blend removes chlorine from the tap water. In addition, the active ingredient, sodium carbonate, cleanses the skin, leaving you feeling refreshed after taking a bath.

About 30 bath times

The product has a capacity of 600g and can be used for about 30 times. You can soak in the “sky blue” water and refresh yourself while enjoying the “exciting tropical fruit scent.

In preparation for the season when the temperature starts to rise, why not be one of the first to pick up the “Bathclin Cool” one-piece collaboration design?


Bathclin Cool One Piece Collaboration Design Bath Salts with Exciting Tropical Fruit Scent 600g

【Release Date】 Apr 5 (Mon), 2021
【Store】 Amazon, Supermarkets, drugstores, and mass merchandisers throughout Japan.
*Available on Amazon on April 12.