Limited quantity products also available! The official online store specializing in the “Nishikigoi” series of Japanese sake is now open!

On Monday, July 12, the Imayotsukasa Sake Brewery opened an official online store specializing in its flagship “Nishikigoi” series of sake.

Nishikigoi, a representative brand of Imayotsukasa Sake Brewery

Imaishi Sake Brewery’s “Nishikigoi” series of sake was launched in 2015 with a package that resembles a Nishikigoi, also known as a swimming jewel, and is as gorgeous as a Nishikigoi, with an imposing taste in purity.

It has won numerous awards around the world for its impressive packaging and sake quality, and has been loved as a gift and as a representative souvenir of Niigata, selling more than 50,000 bottles in total since its launch.

As an antithesis to the current trend of people drinking with their heads, the specifications of the sake are not disclosed, but the design as well as the quality of the sake has received international acclaim, making it a sake that can be enjoyed purely with the nose, mouth and eyes.

Limited-quantity products based on the theme of “challenge” are also available.

The official online store for the Nishikigoi series of Japanese sake is now open.

In addition to the standard product “Nishikigoi Kohaku”, the official online store also has a lineup of “Nishikigoi Tancho The RISING SUN” 720ml/5,940 yen (tax included), which can only be purchased here in limited quantities. The product features a motif of a type of Nishikigoi called “Tancho,” which has a round red scarlet spot on its head, and a dynamic package design depicting the sun rising.

It was created as a sake project with the theme of “challenge,” to give courage to all those who try to stand up in the midst of hardship, and to constantly challenge themselves to find new ways to brew sake.

Gift wrapping is also available for gifts.

The Nishikigoi series can be gift-wrapped and wrapped for free. Why don’t you give this series of products to your loved ones as a thoughtful gift?


The Imayotsukasa Sake Brewery’s official online store

【Opening Date】 Jul 12 (Mon), 2021
【Price for Nishikigoi】 720ml, 5,940 yen(Tax included) / 1,800ml, 11,880 yen (Tax included)