Limited-time sale of thick cheese cookies in a “bear brooch” tin at Aoyama Decarbo’s limited store in Osaka’s Umeda Hankyu!

Aoyama decarbo’s cheese cookies “Kuma (Bear) Tin with Bear Button” will be on sale from August 17 (Wed) to August 23 (Tue), 2022, at a limited-time store in Hankyu Umeda, Osaka.

Kuma (Bear) Tin with Bear Button: 1,620 yen (limited to Osaka)

Rich cheese cookies in a “bear brooch” tin

Aoyama decarbo is a sweets store that offers gluten-free and low-sugar baked goods and chocolates. In conjunction with the opening of its limited-time store in the Hankyu Umeda Flagship Store in Osaka, Aoyama decarbo will be selling “bear cans with bear buttons,” a limited edition cookie that can only be obtained in Osaka.

The cookies do not contain any sugar or flour, but instead use cheese, butter, almonds, and rice flour to create a rich flavor. The cookies are healthier for the body, with the mellow aroma of Edam cheese and the savory flavors of butter and almonds.

Aoyama decarbo’s sweets are also attractive because of the cute cookie tins that “make you want to collect them. The cookie tins, lined with adorable “bear brooches” with dull eyes, are also perfect for small items.

Miniature candy cane stickers” gift

This time, when you purchase “Kuma Can with Bear Button”, you will receive a bear button as a gift. In addition, those who purchase 3,500 yen (including tax) will receive “miniature candy can stickers” that can also be enjoyed as nail stickers.

And chocolate crunch from the “Jewel Button Can.”

In addition to the “bear can with bear buttons,” the limited-time store at Hankyu Umeda will also offer the “jewel button can” with chocolate crunch and the “mini jewel button can” with apple cinnamon chocolate crunch, both of which are scattered with “jewel-like” motifs.


Aoyama De Carbo limited time store

【Store】 Hankyu Umeda Aoyama De Carbo limited time store
【Store Period】 Wednesday, August 17, 2022 to Tuesday, August 23, 2022 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
【Hour】 Follows the business hours of Hankyu Umeda Main Store.
【Location】 Hankyu Umeda Main Store, B1F Food Stage
【Address】 8-7 Kakudacho, Kita-ku, Osaka City, Osaka
【Official Website】
*Limit 2 per person. Limited quantities available, so sales will end as soon as they run out.