Lindt offers a limited edition Halloween chocolate set!


A limited edition Halloween chocolate set is now available from Lindt. It will be available at Lindt stores nationwide for a limited time only.

“Lindor” in a special Halloween design

As in 2020, Lindt’s Halloween collection will be available again in 2021. A number of limited edition sets will be available, including a Halloween package of Lindor, Lindt’s iconic cologne-shaped chocolate.

Limited Edition Party Boxes & Buckets

“The “Halloween Sharing Box” is a gorgeous box perfect for parties, with a jack-o-lantern and a ghost magician inside. The box is filled with Lindor flavors and “umbrella-shaped chocolates,” so you can enjoy a variety of flavors.

A “Halloween Bucket” filled with seven kinds of Lindor. The round box looks like it could be used for trick-or-treating, and it has a fun trick where you can turn the sleeve inside to change the pattern reflected in the transparent window.

Jack-O-Lantern Mini Gifts

For a small gift, I recommend the “Halloween Mini Gift”. It has a lovely look with a jack-o-lantern as the package, and contains three Lindor. There are also “Halloween bags” and other portable gifts.

You can choose your own box and bag for Halloween.

The design of the “Pick & Mix Gift Box Halloween” and “Gift Bag” has also been updated to allow you to freely choose your favorite Lindor. Enjoy Halloween chocolates in a playful package filled with the inhabitants of “Halloween Magic Town”.


Lindt 2021 Halloween Collection

【Sales Period】 Sep 14 (Tue) – Oct 31 (Sun), 2021
【Store】 Lindt stores nationwide, Lindt official online store