Looking for a special souvenir? Then how about Starbucks region limited goods?

Starbucks has released “JIMOTO made Series” goods exclusively at stores in 16 regions nationwide.

Regional limited goods incorporating “local” industries and materials from all over Japan

Launched in 2015, Starbucks’ “Jimoto Maid Series” is a series that expresses Starbucks’ connection with the region. We propose items that incorporate local industries and materials from all over Japan, and sell only at local stores. Each item is perfect as a souvenir when visiting the area.

In addition, Starbucks also sells mugs such as the “Bean There Series”, which incorporates the characteristics of the region into a pop original design, and is limited to the region. Check it out together.

Starbucks Ice coffee glass 375ml 42,000yen @ Sumida ward, Tokyo

Edo Kiriko Glass from Sumida Ward, Tokyo and Tsugaru Vidro from Aomori

For example, limited to Sumida Ward, Tokyo, we sell iced coffee glasses that shine with the traditional techniques of Edo Kiriko craftsmen. A cool and stylish glass with delicate and gorgeous pattern by Edo Kiriko. Also, in the Aomori Tsugaru region, we have prepared glasses featuring “Tsugaru Vidro,” a glass craft that applies the technique of fishing floats. Four types of glasses that express the colors of each region of Aomori, such as Aomori’s red x blue, Tsugaru’s white x green, Hirosaki’s pink x brown, and Goshogawara’s red, black x yellow, are available at stores in each region. to sell.

Tsugaru Vidro 3,080 yen each

Unique regional coffee mugs such as wooden lacquer and Kutani ware

Coffee mugs and coffee cups also have a lineup of unique items that make use of the characteristics of each region. Koishiwarayaki mugs from the Chikuzen area of Fukuoka, where you can fully enjoy the aroma of coffee, have a warm texture. “Wood Mug Lacquer Black” from Takayama City, Gifu, has a wooden lacquerware base with sashiko patterns. Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture will also introduce a coffee cup with a wooden sleeve made of Tenryu cedar grown in Hamamatsu.

Wood Mug Lacquer Black White 207ml 6,490 yen

In addition, the coffee bowl “Mikawachi” from Sasebo, Nagasaki, which is a modern reproduction of the first coffee cup made in Japan, Shigaraki ware mug cups from Koka, Shiga, which have a charming expression reminiscent of a raccoon dog, and the design and techniques of traditional Kutani ware. There will be gorgeous stacking mugs from the Ishikawa and Kaga areas that make full use of , and Tobe-yaki porcelain mugs from the Ehime and Chuyo areas that feature arabesque designs.

Stacking Mug Kutani Ginsai 237ml 5,170yen Stacking mug Kutani Eiraku style, Shoza style, Kokutani style 237ml 4,950yen Coaster 2,090 yen

Higashiyama, Kyoto’s Lucky Charms

In addition, from Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto City, “lucky charms” that invite good luck are coming out. Inspired by the “Fukutama”, which is still treasured as a tradition of Gion, Kyoto, we propose a charm combined with the traditional “Gosho Ningyo”. There are five types: Heiko from the “Gosho Ningyo Charm”, Koma-inu Dorin from the “Lucky Charm”, Kuro, Shiro, and Mike from the Manekineko Dorin. Each store sells different lucky charms, and you don’t know which “lucky charm” is inside until you open the capsule.

Lucky charm charm 2,530 yen @ Higashiyama ward, Kyoto


Starbucks “Jimoto Maid Series”

■ [Sumida ward, Tokyo] Starbucks Ice Coffee Glass 375ml 42,000yen
【Store】 Starbucks Coffee Kinshicho Marui, Kinshicho Termina 2, Tokyo Skytree Solamachi East 6F, Tokyo Skytree Solamachi West 1F, Kinshicho Olinas, Kinshicho Parco

■ [Tottori city, Tottori] Coffee aroma mug Sakyu 355ml 4,400 yen
【Store】 Starbucks Coffee Shamine Tottori, Aeon Mall Tottori Kita

■ [Echizen Area @ Fukuoka] Coffee Aroma Mug Tobikanna 414ml 5,280yen
【Store】 Starbucks Coffee Dazaifu Tenmangu Omotesando Store, Dazaifu Mukaisano Store, Aeon Mall Chikushino Store

■ [Takayama city, Gifu] Wood Mug Lacquer Black White 207ml 6,490yen
【Store】 Starbucks Coffee Takayama Oka Main Store

■ [Tsugaru area, Aomori] Tsugaru Vidro 3,080 yen each
・Tsugaru Vidro AOMORI 266ml
【Store】 Starbucks Coffee Tsugaru Vidro HIROSAKI 266 Aomori Lavina Store, Aomori Central Store, Aomori West Bypass Store
・ Tsugaru Vidro TSUGARU 266ml
【Store】 Starbucks Coffee Aomori ELM Store, Aomori Lavina Store, Aomori Central Store, Hirosaki Koenmae Store, Aomori West Bypass Store, Hirosaki Sakurano Store, TSUTAYA BOOKSTORE Hirosaki Hiroro Store
・Tsugaru Vidro HIROSAKI 266ml
【Store】 Starbucks Coffee Hirosaki Park Store, Hirosaki Sakurano Store, TSUTAYA BOOKSTORE Hirosaki Hiroro Store
・Tsugaru Vidro GOSHOGAWARA 266ml
【Store】 Starbucks Coffee Aomori ELM

■ [Sasebo City, Nagasaki Prefecture] Coffee Bowl Mikawachi 177ml 7,260yen
【Store】 Starbucks Coffee Sasebo Yokkamachi Store, Sasebo Gobangai Store

■ [Koka City, Shiga Prefecture] Mug Shigaraki Red Black 325ml 4,180yen
【Store】 Starbucks Coffee Koka Minakuchi

■ [Kaga area, Ishikawa prefecture]
・Stacking Mug Kutani Ginsai 237ml ¥5,170
・Stacking mug Kutani Eiraku style, Shoza style, Kokutani style 237ml 4,950 yen
・ Coaster 2,090 yen
【Store】 Starbucks Coffee Korinbo Tokyu Square Store, Fair Mall Matto Store, Kanazawa Forus Store, Kanazawa Nonoichi Store, Kanazawa Okuwa Store, Kanazawa Forus 6F Cugo Store, Musashigatsuji Meitetsu M’za Store, Kanazawa Kuragetsu Store, Aeon Mall Shinkomatsu Store, Kanazawa Hyakubangai Rinto Store, Cross Gate Kanazawa Store, Aeon Mall Hakusan Store, Kanazawa Fujie Store, Kanazawa Arimatsu Store

■ [Miyajima, Hiroshima] Coffee Aroma Mug Momiji 444ml 7,150yen
【Store】 Starbucks Coffee Itsukushima Omotesando

■ [Ehime Chuyo Area] Mug Sankarakusa 296ml 5,940yen
【Store】 Starbucks Coffee Matsuyama Iyotetsu Kaikan Building Store, Matsuyama Minatomachi Store, Matsuyama Chuo Store, Matsuyama Hanamizuki Street Store, Matsuyama Station Store, Dogo Onsen Station Store, TSUTAYA Emifull MASAKI Store, TSUTAYA BOOK STORE Shigenobu Store, TSUTAYA BOOKSTORE Emifull MASAKI Store, Matsuyama Hirata shop

■ [Nara city, Nara prefecture] Mosquito net weave 5 layers gauze blanket cup 5,940 yen
【Store】 Starbucks Coffee Nara Gakuenmae Station Store, Nara Saidaiji Station Store, JR Nara Station Old Station Building Store, Nara Konoike Sports Park Store, Nara Park Bus Terminal Store, Nara Tsutaya Bookstore, Nara Sarusawaike Store

■ [Kashima Town, Kamimashiki District, Kumamoto Prefecture] Coffee Aroma Mug Shodaiyaki 6,490 yen
【Store】 Starbucks Coffee Aeon Mall Kumamoto

■ [Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto] Lucky charm charm 2,530 yen
【Store】 Starbucks Coffee Kyoto Ninenzaka Yasaka Chaya Store, Kyoto Gion Hotel Store, Keihan Gion Shijo Station Store

■ [Koshu City, Yamanashi Prefecture] Cup with Koshu Inden Sleeve 296ml 9,020yen
【Store】 Starbucks Coffee Kofu River City Store, Yamanashi University Hospital Store, Lazawalk Kai Futaba Store, Kofu Alps Street Store, Aeon Mall Kofu Showa 1st Floor Store, Kofu Wado Street Store, Aeon Mall Kofu Showa 3rd Floor Store, Kofu Heiwadori Store

■ [Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka] Cup with Tenryu Cedar Sleeve 237ml 11,150yen
【Store】 Starbucks Coffee Zaza City Hamamatsu Store, Aeon Mall Hamamatsu Shitoro Store, Aeon Mall Hamamatsu Ichino Store, Hamanako Service Area Store, Hamamatsu Station Shinkansen Lachi Store, Hamamatsu Niitsumachi Store, Preha Walk Hamakita Store, Hamamatsu Sanarudai Store, Hamamatsu Handayama Store , Hamamatsu Castle Park Store, TSUTAYA Sanarudai Store, Hamamatsu May One Ekimachi West Store, Hamamatsu May One 2nd Floor Store

■ [Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture] Kokuraori Mini Bag 6,550 yen each
・JIMOTO Made Kokuraori mini bag KITAKYUSHU
【Store】 Starbucks Coffee Aeon Wakamatsu Store, Kokura Kyomachi Store, River Walk Kitakyushu Deco City Store, Sun Live City Kokura Store, Aeon Mall Yahata Higashi Store, Amu Plaza Kokura Store, Mojiko Station Store, Kurosaki Station Store, The Outlet Kitakyushu Store, Itotsunomori Park Shop, Yawata Einumaru shop
・ JIMOTO Made Kokuraori Mini Bag MOJIKO
【Store】 Starbucks Coffee Mojiko Station

【Official Website】 https://www.starbucks.co.jp/jimoto/