Looks delicious! PABLOmini’s new “Juicy Peach” is now available for a limited time only!


The new “Juicy Peach” from “PABLO mini,” a small cheese tart the size of the palm of your hand, is now available. It will be available for a limited time only at all PABLO and PABLO mini stores from today, Saturday, May 1, 2021 to Tuesday, August 31, 2021.

New Cheese Tart with White Peaches and Yogurt Whip

The new “Juicy Peach” from PABLO mini is a refreshing sweet made with Japanese white peaches and yogurt whipped cream. The crispy cheese tart, baked to a golden brown, is filled with yogurt whipped cream and topped with a layer of Japanese white peach slices.

The juicy, sweet white peaches and the cool, sweet yogurt whipped cream are a perfect match and taste even better when chilled. The fragrant roasted pistachios on top of the sparkling white peaches also accentuate the depth of the flavor.


PABLO mini New Tart, “Juicy Peach”

【Sales Period】 May 1 (Sat) – Aug 31 (Tue), 2021
【Price】 300 yen (tax included)
【Store】 All PABLO, PABLO mini Stores
【Store in Osaka】 Shinsaibashi Main Store, PABLO mini Lala Port Izumi Store,