Looks so good…! Qu’il fait bon is releasing a limited edition pistachio tart!


Qu’il fait bon, a fruit tart specialty store, is holding a pistachio-focused fair called “Pistachio green week,” and from April 21 (Wed.) to April 27 (Tue.), 2021, limited edition tarts using pistachios will be available at all 10 stores.

A limited edition tart filled with pistachios

Pistachios are called the “Queen of Nuts” because of their rich flavor, bright green color, and abundant nutrients. In this fair, we remade a popular tart using pistachios. There are five kinds of tarts in the lineup to enjoy the marriage of flavorful and rich pistachios and ingredients.

Freshier’s Tart – Pistachio flavor -” piece 1,101 yen (tax included), whole (25cm) 11,016 yen (tax included)

Five types of popular tarts arranged with pistachios.

For example, the “Pistachio Tiramisu Tart” is a cocoa-flavored pie crust layered with white chocolate and pistachios to create a pistachio and orange-flavored tiramisu tart. The orange flavor complements the pistachio flavor, and the texture of the white chocolate and pistachios is a highlight.

Other items on the menu include the “Fresier Tart – Pistachio Flavor”, a pistachio-flavored version of the traditional “Fresier” cake, which combines sweet and sour strawberries with rich cream, and the “Pistachio Tart”, which combines raspberries and pistachio cream in a baked dough filled with pistachios. You can enjoy the taste of pistachios in a variety of unique dishes.


Qu’il fait bon “Pistachio green week”

【Sales Period】 Apr 21 (Wed) – 27 (Tue), 2021
【Store】 Grand Front Osaka