Matcha lovers, gather around! Misdo x Gion Tsujiri’s second batch is now on sale!


Mr. Donut has launched a new series of products jointly developed with Gion Tsujiri, “misdo meets Gion Tsujiri Part 2: Tsuya (Gloss) Matcha,” which will be available in limited quantities and for a limited time from Friday, April 9, 2021.

Misdo x Gion Tsujiri’s Second “Tsuya (Gloss) Matcha”

The theme of this year’s “Tsuya (gloss) Matcha” follows the first one, which was “color” to enhance the color of matcha, and the theme of this year’s “Tsuya (gloss) Matcha” is “Japanese ingredients” such as glossy black honey to enhance the taste of matcha. The menu will feature doughnuts kneaded with Gion Tsujiri’s flavorful Uji green tea and a variety of Japanese ingredients.

A total of seven types of donuts with Uji Matcha and other Japanese ingredients.

For example, the “Fluo Mochi Uji Matcha” series, in which Gion Tsujiri’s first-picked Uji green tea is kneaded into a fluffy and glutinous dough, comes in three varieties with different flavors of Japanese ingredients: matcha chocolate and Brown Sugar Syrup filling, kinako whip and Uji green tea whip, and mochi filling and azuki beans. The lineup consists of three types.

There are also seven other types of doughnuts available, including the “Pon de Double Uji Matcha,” made with Uji matcha green tea kneaded into the dough and coated with Uji matcha chocolate, and the “Pon de Uji Matcha Kinako Whipped Azuki,” made with a similar dough base and dusted with kinako sugar.


misdo meets Gion Tsujiri Part 2: Tsuya (gloss) Matcha

【Sales Period】 April 9, 2021 (Friday) to mid-May, 2021 (sales will end in order)
【Store】 All Mister Donut stores (excluding some stores)

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