Matcha lovers! IKEA is having a matcha sweets fair!


IKEA’s “Matcha Sweets Fair” will be held at IKEA stores nationwide (except IKEA Shinjuku) for a limited time from April 22 (Thu) to June 27 (Sun), 2021.

Matcha sweets gather at Ikea!

Matcha sweets are gathered at IKEA. From matcha desserts with a Japanese essence such as anko (sweet bean paste) and warabi mochi to cream-filled pancakes, there are many items on the menu that matcha and sweets lovers will love.

The “Matcha Tower Pancake” is a hearty dish that combines soft sweet cream and fluffy pancakes. It is topped with bracken rice cake and azuki beans, and finished with a generous amount of matcha sauce for a gorgeous finish.

The “Matcha Anmitsu” is a dessert that combines cream, bean paste, and fruit, with the smooth texture of matcha jelly as the main ingredient. The lineup also includes “Matcha Tart” with its irresistible crunchy texture, “Matcha Brownie” with its rich matcha flavor, and “Matcha Chiffon Cake” with cream and azuki beans.


“Matcha Sweets Fair” at IKEA

【Period】 Apr 22 (Thu) – Jun 27 (Sun), 2021
【Store】 All IKEA stores nationwide (except IKEA Shinjuku)
【Store in Osaka】 IKEA Tsuruhama Store