Matcha lovers, try this! Ginza Nishikawa, a specialty bakery specializing in fine breads, is now selling premium raw Matcha Mitsu!


The new product, “Puremiamu Raw Matcha Mitsu,” was jointly developed by “Ginza Nishikawa,” a high-end bread store, and “Kurogi,” a famous Japanese restaurant, and will be available at “Ginza Nishikawa” stores nationwide from August 5, 2021.

Upgraded “Raw Matcha Mitsu”.

The new product, “Puremiamu Raw Matcha Mitsu,” is an upgraded version of “Raw Matcha Mitsu,” which was previously developed by “Ginza Nishikawa” and “Kurogi” over a period of more than a year. The “Raw Matcha Mitsu” is proposed as an “accompaniment to bread” that is neither butter nor jam. It goes especially well with Ginza Nishikawa’s high-grade bread that is particular about water, making it taste like an exquisite Japanese sweet.

The upgraded “Puremiamu Raw Matcha Mitsu” uses carefully selected leaves of the Okumidori variety, which only a few percent of Uji matcha grown in Kyoto Prefecture is grown in Japan. “The bright green color and well-balanced, rich flavor of Okumidori (=Deep Green) are fully utilized.

In addition, a small amount of soy sauce is added as a secret ingredient. A small amount of soy sauce is added as a secret ingredient to give it a sweet, mint-like taste with a moderate salty accent.


Ginza Nishikawa x Kurogi “Puremiamu Raw Green Tea Honey

【Release Date】 Aug 5 (Thu), 2021
【Price】 1,620 yen
【Store】 Ginza Nishikawa nationwide (excluding some stores)
【Store in Osaka】
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