Matcha Republic, a matcha specialty store from Kyoto, opens in Osaka for a limited time!

Matcha Republic, a matcha specialty store from Kyoto, will make its first appearance in Osaka, opening a limited-time store in the B1 level of the Daimaru Umeda store in Osaka from August 17 (Wed) to August 23 (Tue), 2022.

Matcha specialty store “Matcha Republic” first appearance in Osaka

Matcha Republic is a matcha specialty store based in Uji, Kyoto. With the concept of “surprise and delight with matcha,” this popular store proposes new ways to enjoy matcha with a free spirit. The limited-time store in Tokyo is so popular that customers line up to get in. The “Matcha Republic” is now making its first appearance in Osaka.

Matcha Ink Premium Matcha Latte 700 yen

Matcha latte in an “ink motif bottle” with a “consume by” date.

At the store, you will find a variety of popular “Matcha Republic” drinks and sweets. The “Matcha Ink Premium Matcha Latte,” featuring a cute “ink motif” bottle, is an additive-free drink packed with the delicious flavors of Uji matcha and Hokkaido milk.

The matcha is made from carefully selected, stone-ground Uji matcha. This “rewarding drink” has a mild milky taste with the aroma and flavor of Uji matcha.

Dark tea panna cotta with “same-day use by” date

The “Chatsubo no Koicha Panna Cotta” is a “Super Fresh” series sweet that focuses on freshness with a “consume by the end of the day” date. The panna cotta has a smooth texture that melts at body temperature.

Dark tea panna cotta in a tea jar 730 yen

Dark brown melt-in-your-mouth raw texture chocolate

Packaged in a jar that looks like a balm bottle, the “Dark Tea Raw Chocolate Balm” is a raw texture chocolate that can be tasted with a spoon. The chocolate is kneaded with about three times more matcha than ordinary matcha raw chocolate, so you will be able to smell the rich aroma of the tea leaves.

Premium Golden Uji green tea sponge cake 2,380 yen


Matcha Republic” limited time store”

【Limited Time Store】 Wednesday, August 17, 2022 – Tuesday, August 23, 2022, 10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. *According to the facility rules.
【Store】 Daimaru Umeda B1F Event Space “Candy Parade
【Address】 3-1-1 Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka