Mega Parfait”, a soft serve ice cream 1.6 times larger than usual, is now available from GODIVA for a limited time only!


GODIVA’s limited-time sweet “Mega Parfait” is now on sale at limited Godiva stores nationwide from March 17 (Wed.), 2021!

The “Mega Parfait,” which will be available for a limited time only, is a mega-sized parfait that uses 1.6 times more Godiva soft serve ice cream than usual.

3 Flavors

Mega Parfait Strawberry

The “Mega Parfait Strawberry” is based on white chocolate soft serve ice cream blended with elegant vanilla flavor and white chocolate with rich milk. Frozen strawberries and freeze-dried strawberry chips are sprinkled on top, and strawberry sauce is drizzled on top.

Mega Parfait Chocolate

The “Mega Parfait Chocolate” is a combination of double chocolate soft serve ice cream made by blending two types of dark chocolate with rich milk, chocolate crunch and chocolate sauce.

Mega Parfait Caramel

The “Mega Parfait Caramel” with mixed chocolate soft-serve ice cream made of double chocolate and white chocolate vanilla, caramel sauce and caramelized almonds gives you the full flavor of caramel. It is finished off with a caramel popcorn decoration.


Mega Parfait

【Sales Period】 Mar 17 (Wed) – Sep 30 (Thu), 2021 *Outlet stores will be sold until Saturday, July 31.
【Store】 Godiva Limited Edition Store
【Store in Osaka】 Abeno Q’s Mall Store, Lala Port Expo City, Lala Port Izumi, Rinku Premium Outlet
【Price】 764 yen (Tax included)