Ministop is releasing a Red Melon Parfait!


Mini-Stop’s new sweet, “Red Melon Parfait,” will be available at all stores in Japan from June 1, 2021 (Tue).

Mini-Stop’s First Red-Fleshed Melon Parfait

The “Red Melon Parfait,” the newest addition to the popular “Fruit Parfait” series, is the first parfait to use red-fleshed melons at a Ministop. The mouth-watering flesh of the “cantaloupe” melon from Thailand is combined with standard soft serve vanilla to create a parfait. The sweet juice and mellow aroma of the melon, which has ripened to a sugar content of 10 to 15 degrees, can be enjoyed in this sweet treat.

A “Plentiful Red Melon Parfait” with twice the amount of melon will also be released at the same time.


Mini Stop “Red Melon Parfait”

【Release Date】 Jun 1 (Tue), 2021
Red melon parfait: 375 yen (tax included)
Plentiful Red Melon Parfait: 559 yen (tax included)
【Store】 Mini Stop Nationwide