Miracle Pancakes with Bountiful Cherries” from Flippers!


Brunch café FLIPPER’S has introduced a new menu item, “Miracle Pancakes with Bountiful Cherries,” which will be available for a limited time from June 22 (Tue) to July 4 (Sun), 2021.

Limited edition pancakes featuring “the king of cherries,” Sato Nishiki.

Based on the concept of “the best dish made with fresh eggs from the contracted poultry farm, Taketori Farm,” Flippers is popular for its egg dishes, including its signature menu item, “Miracle Pancakes. This time, as the second installment of the “Domestic Premium Fruit Relay” pancake fair using domestic premium fruits, a limited edition pancake using “Sato Nishiki” cherries from Yamagata Prefecture will join the lineup.

Miraculous Pancakes with Bountiful Cherries: 1,430 yen

Ripe Sato Nishiki × Rich Bitter Chocolate Ice Cream

The “Miracle Pancake,” with its new fluffy texture and new experience of softly melting in your mouth, is sandwiched between a sweet and sour cherry filling, and topped with thick, bitter chocolate ice cream that goes well with cherries, and Sato Nishiki, which is full of sweet, juicy juice. This is a special dish only available this time of year, where you can enjoy the bouncing texture and fresh taste of the bright red ruby fruits that look like they are about to pop.


The Miracle Pancake with Bountiful Cherries

【Sales Period】 Jun 22 (Tue) – Jul 4 (Sun), 2021
【Price】 1,430 yen
【Store】 All Flippers stores
【Store in Osaka】 Flipper’s Umeda EST Store
【Address】 FOODHALL Umeda Est EST, 3-25, Kakudacho, Kita-ku, Osaka City, Osaka