Mister Donut has launched Japan’s first collaborative donut with WITTAMER! It’s on sale now! Chocolate lovers, hurry up!


Four new doughnuts co-developed with Belgian royal chocolate brand WITTAMER will be available at all Mister Donut stores from Friday, January 7, 2022 until the end of February.

WITTAMER’s famous chocolate sweets in a donut?

For the first time in Japan, Mister Donut is collaborating with WITTAMER. This memorable collaboration between the two companies will feature a total of four doughnuts inspired by Wittamel’s signature chocolate sweets.

The doughnut chocolat dough newly developed by Mister Donut is made by applying the same method used to make cakes to doughnuts, resulting in a light mouthfeel like a “chocolat cake”. Also, to reproduce the gorgeous visuals that are the hallmark of WITTAMER, a lot of attention was paid to the glossy top surface and toppings.

Product Lineup

Now, let’s take a look at the full lineup of all four flavors. The rich chocolatey doughnuts are perfect for winter and make a great souvenir, so be sure to select the flavors you are interested in.

Chocolat samba

This doughnut is inspired by WITTAMER’s “Chocolat Samba” cake. The base doughnut chocolate dough is filled with ganache cream and ganache whip. The top of the doughnut is covered with a glossy chocolate napage and a white chocolate line.

Chocolat Samba To-Go 216 yen / Eat-in 220 yen

Chocolat Noisette

The doughnut chocolate dough is filled with hazelnut cream with graham and ganache whipped topped with ganache whipped topping and sprinkled with cocoa powder, inspired by WITTAMER’s famous “Chocolat Noisette” cake.

Chocolat Noisette To-Go 216 yen / Eat-in 220 yen

Chocolat Caramel

This is a doughnut version of WITTAMER’s popular praline chocolate “Marrow”. The doughnut chocolate dough is sandwiched between a caramel mocha cream and a ganache cream to create a rich and rich taste typical of “Marrow”. The top surface, coated with caramel chocolate and drawn with lines, is also decorated with nuts.

Chocolat Caramel To-Go 216 yen / Eat-in 220 yen

Chocolat milleteuil

The image source was WITTAMER’s praline chocolate “mirtille”. By sandwiching blueberry jam and ganache cream in the doughnut chocolate dough, the fruity taste of the chocolate was reproduced. The chocolate-coated top surface is decorated with raspberry-flavored flakes of chocolate to add a festive mood.

Chocolat milleteuil To-Go 216 yen / Eat-in 220 yen


misdo meets WITTAMER WITTAMER Collection

【Sales Period】 January 7, 2022 (Fri.) – Late February, 2022 *Sales are scheduled to end gradually.
【Store】 All Mister Donut stores (excluding some stores)