Mmmm, looks good! Komeda Coffee Shop’s popular dessert drink “JELYCO” is now available in seasonal limited edition, Matcha Milk and Rich Chocolate!


Komeda Coffee Shop will start selling its dessert drinks, “JELYCO Matcha Milk” and “JELYCO Rich Chocolate,” on a seasonal basis nationwide from April 28 (Wed.), 2021.

Coffee Jelly + Coffee “JELYCO” Seasonal Flavors

Komeda Coffee Shop’s “JELYCO” is a word coined from the combination of “coffee jelly” and “coffee. It is a dessert drink based on Komeda’s original iced coffee, to which coffee jelly prepared with a lot of care is added at the store.

In addition to the classic whipped JELYCO Original, the seasonal drinks JELYCO Matcha Milk and JELYCO Rich Chocolate will also be available.

Matcha Milk” made with Uji green tea from Tsujiriichi Honten

JELYCO Matcha Milk is a dessert drink with a deep yet refreshing aftertaste. It is made with matcha milk made with Uji green tea from Tsujiriichi Honten, which has been in business for 160 years in Uji, Kyoto, along with homemade coffee jelly and whipped cream. The gentle sweetness and bitterness of the matcha milk goes perfectly with the coffee jelly. The topping of strawberry sauce adds just the right amount of sourness.

Rich Chocolate” is full of chocolate.

The “JELYCO Rich Chocolate” is a drink where you can enjoy the perfect combination of rich sweet chocolate drink and homemade coffee jelly. The drink is topped with Belgian chocolate whipped cream, chocolate sauce, and chocolate chips, making it a truly “chocolate-filled” drink.


Komeda Coffee “JELYCO”

【Sales Period】 April 28 (Wed), 2021 ~ late September 2021 (undetermined)
*The original is sold all year round.
*The end of sale period is subject to change.
【Store】 Komeda coffee nationwide