Mont Blanc Fair has started at Cafe & Books Bibliotheque!


Cafe & Books Bibliotheque’s “Mont Blanc Fair” will start on September 1 (Wed), 2021. During this period, all Café & Books Bibliotheque stores will offer a variety of chestnut-based marron sweets.

Cafe & Books Bibliotheque “Mont Blanc Fair

The popular “Fresh” Mont Blanc has evolved and is now available!

Especially noteworthy is the “Raw” Mont-Blanc starring Japanese chestnuts from Kumamoto, which is filled with Japanese chestnut cream from “Gin-yose” and “Tsukuba. The recipe combines fresh cheese fromage soufflé cream, evaporated milk mousse, moist chiffon cake, and raw caramel sauce to enhance the natural taste of Japanese chestnuts. The popular “Raw” Mont-Blanc has evolved into a dish that allows you to enjoy the rich and elegant taste of Japanese chestnuts.

Mont Blanc pancakes filled with autumn flavors

Mont Blanc sweets combined with blackcurrant sauce, which goes well with chestnuts, are also noteworthy. For example, the “Mont Blanc and Praline Cream Pancake with Cassis Sauce” is a pancake full of autumnal flavors with a rich topping of Mont Blanc cream with rum and richly flavored praline cream.

Mont Blanc tarts and puddings.

In addition to the above, you can also enjoy “Two-layer Mont Blanc Tart with Cassis Ginger Sauce”, a royal Mont Blanc tart made with two layers of sweet marron mousse and creme chantilly, and finished with rum-scented marron cream, and “Mont Blanc Pudding with Cassis Caramel Sauce” with a generous amount of marron cream and caramel sauce. You can also enjoy a variety of menu items that bring out the charm of chestnuts, such as “Mont Blanc Pudding with Cassis Caramel Sauce,” which is filled with marron cream and caramel sauce.


Cafe & Books Bibliotheque “Mont Blanc Fair

【Sales Period】 From September 1 (Wed),2021 –
【Store】 All Café & Books Bibliotheque stores
【Store in Osaka】 E~ma B1F, 1-12-6 Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka City