Moomin Cafe & Stand has released summer menu items such as sodas and bagel sandwiches that look like Moomins floating in the air!


Moomin Cafe and Moomin Stand’s new summer menu has been on sale since Friday, July 22, 2022.

Summer menu featuring “Moomin” motifs

Moomin Cafe Moomin Stand, which expresses the world of “Moomin,” has introduced a new summer menu. Two kinds of cute and summery menu items will be available, which look like Moomins floating on a float.

Floatation-style” bagel sandwich

The “Ukiwa Bagel Sandwich,” available only at Moomin Cafe, is a summery bagel sandwich featuring a Moomin made with a boiled egg on a red and white striped bagel that resembles a floating ring. The sandwich is filled with smoked salmon, cream cheese, dill (a classic Scandinavian herb), and tartar sauce.

The set comes with a refreshing blue raspberry soda topped with diced pineapple.

Soda that looks like Moomin floating in the air

The “Moomin float in a float soda,” available only at Moomin Stand, is a summer drink made with honey lemon and blue curacao syrup, apple pulp sauce, and Moomin Stand’s original berry-flavored “Gnoronjoro no tane” (seed of gnoronjoro). The ocean-like soda is filled with Moomin Stand’s original berry-flavored “Gnoronyo seeds. The ocean-like soda comes with a Moomin straw that makes it look like you are floating on a marshmallow float.

These menu items were selected in the “Moomin Cafe Menu Development Contest” held on the official Moomin website from January to March 2022.


Moomin Cafe Moomin Stand New Summer Menu

【Release Date】 Friday, July 22, 2022
【Store】 Moomin Cafes nationwide, Moomin Stands nationwide
【Menu & Price】
・Moomin Bagel Sandwich – Salmon Cream Cheese – Drink Set 1,500yen *Only at Moomin Cafe.
・Moomin float soda 890 yen *Only at Moomin Stand.
【Official Website】