More info for Matcha Lovers! ‘Matcha Mitsu’ for High-End Shokupan (Bread) to be Launched by High-End Shokupan Specialty Store ‘Ginza Nishikawa’!

I’m going to have to try this! So as soon as it goes on sale, I’m going to go buy some! Ginza Nishikawa, a specialty bakery specializing in high-grade bread, has teamed up with Kurogi, a famous Japanese restaurant, to create “Matcha Mitsu” for high-grade bread, which will be available at all Ginza Nishikawa stores nationwide from April 23 (Fri.), 2021. The main store in Ginza, the Sugamo store, and the Shirokanedai store will start selling it first on April 8 (Thu).

“Matcha Mitsu” for “water-conscious premium bread.”

Ginza Nishikawa’s “high-grade bread that is particular about water” has an elegant sweetness that maximizes the umami of the ingredients, and a silky smooth and moist texture that is soft to the ears. The company is particular about water, which it considers to be one of the most important ingredients for bread, and uses its own alkaline ionized water as the brewing water.

Jun Kuroki, the owner of the famous Japanese restaurant Kurogi, fell in love with the deliciousness of the bread. Kuroki himself uses “high quality bread that is particular about water” as part of his daily breakfast menu.

Developed over a period of more than a year with the famous Japanese restaurant Kurogi

The new “Matcha-mitsu” was developed by Kurogi in cooperation with Nishikawa in Ginza over a period of more than one year. Matcha, a staple of Japanese food, is now available not as butter or jam, but as Matcha Mitsu.

No colorant is used, and the bright green color, rich aroma, and astringent taste of Uji green tea are maximized. A small amount of soy sauce is added to the rich sweetness to give it a Japanese flavor with a moderate saltiness.


Matcha Mitsu

【Release Date】 Apr 23 (Fri), 2021
【Store】 Ginza Nishikawa” across Japan (List of stores in Osaka)
【Price】 1,080 yen (Tax included)