Morinaga Milk Industry’s “MOW Dark Chocolate”, a rich new chocolate flavor with Ecuadorian cacao, also goes on sale today!


Morinaga Milk Industry’s “MOW” series of ice cream cups is now available in a new flavor, “MOW Dark Chocolate. The new flavor, “MOW Dark Chocolate,” will go on sale today, Monday, August 23, 2021, at convenience stores and supermarkets nationwide.

New “Dark Chocolate” from Morinaga Milk Industry’s “MOW” Series

The popular “MOW” series of ice cream cups is based on the richness of milk and the unique taste of the combined ingredients. MOW Dark Chocolate is a new chocolate-based flavor that is second only to vanilla in popularity in the ice cream market, and is made with 100% Ecuadorian cacao mass, a rich and gorgeous ingredient that goes well with the richness of milk. As the name suggests, it is a product that allows you to enjoy the rich and deep flavor of cacao.


MOW Dark Chocolate

【Release Date】 Aug 23 (Mon), 2021
【Price】 152 yen
【Store】 CVS, supermarkets, and general retail stores nationwide