Mr. CHEESECAKE’s limited time store is coming to Osaka!


Mr. CHEESECAKE’s limited time store “Mr. Cheesecake Your City” will open in eight areas across Japan from mid-September to late November 2021, including Sapporo, Nagoya, Kobe, Hiroshima, Hakata, Oita, Kyoto, and Osaka.
In Osaka, the shop will be open for a limited time from October 13 (Wed) to October 18 (Mon) at Hankyu Umeda.

“Mr. Cheesecake, the best cheesecake for human beings”.

“Mr. Cheesecake is a sweets brand that started in 2018. Mr. Cheesecake is sold only two days a week, on weekends and Mondays, and is flooded with orders as soon as it opens at 10 am. It is known as a fantastic sweet that cannot be ordered easily.

The cheesecake is made by Chef Koji Tamura, who used to work at a Michelin-starred restaurant. He started making cheesecakes when he posted his hobby of making cheesecakes on SNS and received a call from someone who wanted to try them.

Mr. Cheesecake with Cooler Bag 3,456 yen

Baked and rare cheesecake “the best of both worlds”.

“The secret of “Mr. Cheesecake”, which is loved by its fans so much that it has been called “the greatest cheesecake for human beings”, is its unique texture that combines the best of baked and rare cheesecake. By baking the cake in hot water without using any flour, you can enjoy two different textures at once: the firm baked top and the smooth rare cheesecake bottom.

The aroma is sweet and refreshing, with vanilla, lemon, and tonka beans, and white chocolate as a secret ingredient. The flavor and aroma change depending on the temperature, which is another point that makes it fun to enjoy.

Mr. Cheesecake with Cooler Bag 3,456 yen

At the limited time store “Mr. Cheesecake Your City”, the standard popular “Mr. Cheesecake” is sold as a special style “Mr. Cheesecake with Cooler Bag” set with an insulated bag.

2021 Limited Edition Flavors “Jasmine” & “Mango Passion

The venue will also roll out limited edition flavors for 2021, “Mr. Cheesecake Royal Jasmine” and “Mr. Cheesecake Annette Mango Passion”.

“Mr. Cheesecake Royal Jasmine is a cheesecake that combines jasmine tea with peaches and vanilla for a refreshing aftertaste. The cheesecake is produced by Turkish producers in China, and the flavor is extremely simple, using only vanilla and lemon to bring out the best of jasmine, which is also known as the “king of Bulgaria’s herbal medicine”, and creamy sweet peaches.

On the other hand, “Mr. Cheesecake Annette Mango Passion” is a mango-based product with passion fruit, coconut, and lime to bring out its rich aroma. The addition of semi-fermented hojicha tea gives it a refreshing sourness and floral aroma.

Mr. Cheesecake Annette Mango Passion 5,400 yen


Mr. Cheesecake Your City

Hankyu Umeda Main Store
【Sales Period】 Oct 13 (Wed) – 18 (Mon), 2021
【Hour】 10:00 – 20:00 *Close at 18:00 on the last day.
【Place】 In the “Hankyu Cake Show” on the 9th floor, 8-7, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka.