Must try this! Beautiful and delicious Japanese boba tea!


Kanmidokorokamakura will introduce a limited-time drink “Warabimochi Drink Hydrangea Soda/White” with beautiful colors unique to this season. On sale from May 15, 2023 (Monday).

A soft and melt-in-your-mouth “warabimochi” drink

“Warabimochi Drink Hydrangea” is a limited dessert drink that is perfect for the rainy season, with a beautiful color gradation like “hydrangea”. The point is that it contains Kamakura warabimochi, a specialty of the sweets shop Kamakura, which has a chewy texture and a taste that melts in your mouth.

Two types are available: soda and calpico.

There are two types of drinks available: carbonated soda, which you can enjoy as it goes down your throat, and Calpico, which is rich yet refreshing. By confining the refreshing scent of lychee, it is an elegant drink where you can enjoy the beautiful color of hydrangea and a pleasant cooling sensation.

Warabimochi Drink Hydrangea Soda/White
From left) Soda: S size 580 yen, normal size 680 yen
White (using Calpico) S size 580 yen, normal size 680 yen


Warabimochi Drink Hydrangea Soda/White

【Release Date】 May 15, 2023 (Monday)
【Store】 Nationwide Kanmidokoro (Sweets Shop) Kamakura Stores
【Menu & Price】
・Soda: S size 580 yen, normal size 680 yen
・White (using Calpico) S size 580 yen, normal size 680 yen
*“Calpico” is a registered trademark of Asahi Soft Drinks Co., Ltd.
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