Must visit and see that cute and captivating guy to Hanshin Umeda Store in Osaka!


Nagoya’s “chick-shaped sweets” “Piyorin” has entered Osaka for the first time. Limited sweets of “Piyorin” will be sold at the food festival terrace on the 1st floor of Hanshin Umeda Main Store on March 16th (Thursday) and 17th (Friday), 2023.

Piyorin is a pudding made with eggs from Nagoya Cochin, a local ingredient in Aichi Prefecture, wrapped in vanilla-flavored Bavarois and covered with powdered sponge. Fresh sweets decorated in the shape of a soft “chick”.

However, it is also famous for its fragile nature, and is so delicate that there is competition to see if you can take it home while keeping its beautiful shape.

Osaka Limited “Mixed Juice Piyorin”

Cute chick-shaped sweets called “Piyorin”, which is called Nagoya’s “new specialty”, has entered Osaka for the first time. This time, while maintaining the familiar “fluffy” finish of “Piyorin”, the first Osaka limited flavor “Mixed Juice Piyorin” will be added.

“Mixed Juice Piyorin” is a specialty sweet that was completed by patissiers based on the idea of “mixed juice” when it comes to Osaka. In addition to preparing chick-shaped cookies “Cookie Premium”, new goods “Piyorin Mug Cup” will be released in advance.


Piyorin Osaka outing set 1,201 yen

【Sales Period】 Thursday, March 16, 2023-Friday, March 17, 2023 14:00-19:00
*Numbered tickets distributed from 10:00 each day
【Place】 Hanshin Umeda Main Store 1F Food Festival Terrace Event “My beloved Nagoya meal”
【Set Content】 Osaka limited “Mix Juice Piyorin” and Piyorin event limited set
*150 sets scheduled to be sold each day / *Up to 2 sets per person
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