nana’s green tea will release a limited time frozen drink using gyokuro!


nana’s Green Tea will start selling a limited-time frozen drink made with gyokuro (a Japanese sweet made from the tea plant) on May 1, 2022 (Sunday).

Frozen drink using refreshing “gyokuro

nana’s Green Tea will introduce a new frozen drink in the fresh green season, using gyokuro, a refreshing and rich tea flavor. Three flavors will be available, perfect for summer.

“Gyokuro Jelly Kuromitsu Frozen” with “Puru Puru” gyokuro jelly

The “Gyokuro Jelly Kuromitsu Frozen” is a frozen drink that combines the aroma of gyokuro and milk with the texture of gyokuro jelly. It is topped with whipped cream and molasses for a rich flavor.

Sweet honey-scented “Gyokuro Jelly Honey Frozen”

The “Gyokuro Jelly Honey Frozen” is a frozen drink containing “puru-puru” gyokuro jelly with whipped cream and honey added. The sweet aroma of Hokkaido honey and the refreshing flavor of gyokuro complement each other.

“Gyokuro Azuki Frozen” with Tokachi Ogura An

For a classic Japanese drink that combines tea and azuki, we recommend the “Gyokuro Azuki Frozen”. You can enjoy the luxurious harmony of the refreshingly cold gyokuro frozen drink and Tokachi Ogura an (sweet bean paste).


nana’s Green Tea New Beverage

【Release Date】 May 1 (Sun), 2022
【Store】 80 nana’s Green Tea stores nationwide
To-Go available. Some stores may not be able to provide this service, so please inquire at each store.
Tax included prices are the same for both takeout and in-store.
Some stores may not sell the product.